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Born and raised in the Detroit area, Kirabelle is a singer / songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist living and loving in Nashville, eternally chasing truth and expression through the medium that connects us all... music.  Her fondness for sampling old songs from the Great American Songbook along with folk favorites adding unique arrangements is evident in her style. "These songs should never be forgotten.  I strive to keep them alive in my music."  Kirabelle infuses her own compositions with elements of folk and jazz utilizing a variety of  instruments - ukulele, banjolele, guitar, cello, fiddle, piano, melodica, mandolin, dulicimer, flutes, whistles, and autoharp.  "It is my great hope to inspire others to research and recognize the glorious treasures left to us by those who've come before, tip our hats, pay tribute, and continue on, re-inventing the musical 'wheel.'" 

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Kirabelle is a Swingin Jazz / Folk Singer Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist influenced and inspired by the greats with an ear for musical harmony, pure jazz tonality, and natural phrasing evident in her live solo performances on ukuleles, guitar, banjolele, piano, melodica, and assorted musical objects
sometimes featuring guest artists or heard with the Kirabelle & Co. Jazz Quartet / Trio,
the Swell Epoch, the Sweet Peas,
and Spookulele performances with Allie Brown.



SPOOKULELE Ladies are :


Kirabelle performs killa jazz at Muse-a-palooza!

(look for her at the Barn, fine dining area)

Kirabelle Frabotta Trio performs on the

'American Eagle' Mississippi Riverboat

Check it out! 
Cabaret Noir Collective PRESENTS: A Speakeasy!

with the Kirabelle Frabotta Quartet

Kirabelle and Josh Dent perform for Nashville Art Collective at the Train Station

Kirabelle's "Comes Love" is featured track #10
From FIREBREATHrecords - a valentines day compilation project
featuring nashville
artists as well as other national acts ...
a love and anti-love themed record. 
May your heart listen at its own discretion.

Coming Soon...
Kirabelle & the Sweet Peas
Celtic Songs for Baby Beans

Kirabelle & the Sweet Peas -
Songs For Baby Beans
le on BANDCAMP, iTunes and Amazon

Kirabelle's children's EP with new arrangements of old songs from
around the world with a portion of the proceeds to benefit Autism Speaks. 

Jazz Brunch with

Kirabelle Frabotta Quartet
Kirabelle & the Swell Epoch
KB & The Lullabirds
at ACME Feed & Seed
and at The SOUTHERN

Kirabelle - What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? featured on

(ALL Proceeds go to local homeless shelter!)



Kirabelle and Josh Dent Live Recording at GBS Studios.  (CintheaSuePhotography)

Kirabelle at the Ryman Auditorium.  (CintheaSuephotography)

Kirabelle's EP - Wildwood Flower is available on iTUNES.


Kirabelle - (L-R) Wildwood Flower EP; Live at GBS; Regions Free Festival; Live at the Pike Room / Crofoot.      CintheaSuephotography

Native American PowWow.   (CintheaSuephotography)