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Born and raised in MoTown, Kirabelle is a singer / songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist living, loving, and  eternally chasing truth and expression through a medium that connects us all... music.  After 9 years of musical friendships forged and countless performances in Nashville, Kirabelle has returned home to her roots in Michigan. Her original compositions are infused with elements of jazz, rock, and folk utilizing a variety of instruments - ukulele, banjolele, guitar, cello, fiddle, piano, melodica, mandolin, dulicimer, flutes, whistles, and autoharp. Kirabelle's fondness for sampling old songs, adding unique arrangements from the Great American Songbook blending with Americana folk favorites is evident in her eclectic style. "These songs should never be forgotten. I strive to keep them alive in my music.  It is my great hope to inspire others to research and recognize the glorious treasures left to us by those who've come before us, tip our hats, pay tribute, and continue on, re-inventing the musical 'wheel', so to speak."

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